Secure mobile connectivity for transport operators


The aql mobile solution enables transport organisations to connect devices in areas of transport for financial benefits and convenience for customers. By using our machine-to-machine (M2M) solution, you can:

  • Connect low-power devices in parking, airports and railways for a smarter traffic control and management
  • Install parking sensors for smart parking and electronic toll collection
  • Collect transport, tracking information and supply chain data intelligence directly into your systems
  • Integrate connectivity at the mobile network level
  • Control the data routing across the internet


  • Improve drivers parking experience and increase parking utilisation and revenues
  • Identify traffic or road problems before they cause delays
  • Reduce maintenance costs and asset loss by early detection of system issues
  • Increase staff efficiency by automating internal processes
  • Provide efficient road assistance Improve supply chain and fleet management by using richer data and deeper intelligence
  • Automate shipping and delivery by exactly predicting the time of arrival

Use SMS to stay in touch with employees, customers and suppliers


aql messaging solutions enable transport and logistics industry professionals to easily communicate with their staff, customers, and suppliers via SMS in a quick, efficient and time sensitive way. Our SMS gateway is hosted within our secure and reliable network to protect your customers' personal details.

  • Notify your customers with useful information, such as when their parcel is due, how long their taxi will be, or when their delivery will arrive
  • Communicate in real-time to your employees on the road, notifying them of expected delivery times, process, ETA, traffic news and any other critical information that will impact their journey
  • Communicate with your staff company-wide: send updates, reminders, praise, meeting notifications and company announcements
  • Receive repeat order/purchase and gather feedback information from your customers via SMS


  • Improve your customer service and satisfaction by communicating key information at the right time to give your customers peace of mind
  • Keep in touch with your fleet/drivers out on the road and monitor fleet progress
  • Communicate instantly and effectively with multi-site located employees and remote workers
  • Improve your customer loyalty by sending incentives and offers via SMS
  • Reduce the number of calls by giving customers the option to contact you via SMS
  • Benefit from a hassle-free integration into your existing logistics management system and CMS
  • Use a cost effective and efficient communications solution perfectly fitting into a customer's busy lifestyle

Secure colocation solutions for the transport industry


Airports, road and railways infrastructures are critical to global operations and therefore constitute first targets when it comes to external attacks. By colocating your data within aql secure and reliable data centre facilities, you can:

  • Store confidential customer and web application data in a secure, resilient ISO-accredited environment
  • Communicate transport and supply chain data to centralised secured databases
  • Integrate security standards within your organisation's network


  • Manage increasing amounts of transport data driven by the IT revolution
  • Protect your data from cyber espionage and external attacks
  • Save money and resources by avoiding data breaches and security incidents
  • Improve customer trust and brand loyalty by protecting user credentials and customer information
  • Benefit from a security structure and an existing framework

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