Number activation API

If we’ve datafilled your own number ranges for you, then you will still need to notify some networks that the number is live so that they can activate the routing for these. This typically takes 1-2 business days. To pass your number(s) to these networks, you can make use of the number activation API.

In order to send a message using the gateway, you will need to send a request to one of the following: (or https)


The gateway expects HTTP POST/GET of:

Variable Required Description
username Yes Your aql username
Password Yes Your aql password
phone_number Yes Full geographic number(s) you wish to assign

Returned is a string consisting of (without leading and trailing quote):
“<status no>:<description>” – e.g.: 1: Authentication Error

The status corresponds to one of the following:

0: Successful

For example:
0: Successful
441133203040: Accepted
441133204060: Request rejected (Number not owned by this account)
4411332030040: Invalid number

1: Authentication Error
3: Absent Parameters


  • Numbers can be comma separated – e.g. 441133203040,441133204060,4411332030040
  • The numbers entered must be the full geographic number and not an area code or number range
  • Numbers can be accepted in any format – e.g. 441133203040,0113 3204060,(0113) 32030040
  • The networks can only accept a limited number of requests per day. Each user is restricted to 25% of the currently remaining quota
  • If a request is unsuccessful, or your number has not been activated by a particular network, please resubmit this on a different day and this will be resubmitted to the networks