Send SMS via UDH API

If you require the ability to specify SMS headers for sending concatenated messages or vCards for example, you can make use of our UDH gateway. This gateway is accessible via HTTP Post only at the following address: (or https)

Variables (* indicates required value)

Variable Required Description
username Yes aql username
password Yes aql password
destination Yes destination number (i.e. 447740…)
udh No User Data Header in hex format (no plain text allowed)
data Yes User Data Portion in hex format (no plain text allowed)
originator No will use account default if not specified
encoding No possible values are 7, 8 or 16 (default is 8)

The gateway only accepts single SMS messages, so larger messages must be split and contain the appropriate UDH headers before they reach our gateway.

Example header/data set:

[“udh”]=> string(21)
[“data”]=> string(195)
“01060403AE81EA02056A0045C60b03687474703a2f2f7777772e612d712e636f2 e756b2f0011033240736d7332656d61696c000801035465737450757368000101”