Voice push API

Please note that access to this API is restricted to only those accounts that have voice push service enabled.
Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

HTTP interface

Text to voice requests are processed via our HTTP Post Interface at:

Outbound messages

The text to voice gateway requires an HTTP POST call with the following variables:

Parameter Description
Username Your aql.com username
Password Your aql.com password
msisdn The number to be dialled in international format
message The text to be converted to voice
dlrData Delivery report URL [optional]
dlrType Type of delivery report (either ‘httpget’ or ’email’) [optional]


You will receive a response from our gateway as follows:

Message queued for sending

This take the form of a two-line response. The first line is an error code with the second a short string describing the status.
The complete list of possible values are as follows:

Error code Description
VP_OK Success
VP_ERR_INVALIDMOBNUM The number provided was invalid
VP_ERR_NOCREDIT There is insufficient credit to send this message
VP_ERR_INVALIDAUTH The username or password provided were incorrect
VP_ERR_NOAUTH No username/password pair was provided
VP_ERR_NOMSG No message was provided

Delivery reports

If delivery reports are required you can specify a URL in the dlrData parameter which will be called when a message is confirmed as being successfully delivered.

The placeholder %code will be translated to the status code of the message which will be one of the following:

Status Code Description
1 Confirmed Delivered (Acknowledged)
2 Unable to deliver the message