Our WAP Push API allows you to push files to users using WAP.

URL: https://gw.aql.com/sms/gw-wap-si.php

Our gateway will only accept incoming HTTP POST connections. HTTP Get is unsupported.

When sending HTTP Post, please make sure that you URL encode the content. Not encoding the contents could mean you message is sent incorrectly or rejected by our system as invalid.

Required variables

Variable Required Description
username Yes You need to pass your aql account username to this gateway
password Yes You need to pass your aql account password to this gateway
destination Yes The destination you want the message to go to. You can send to multiple numbers by separating each number with a comma (e.g. 441234567890, 441234567891)
wapname Yes Provide a name for your WAP push message
wapurl Yes The URL to the file you are wanting the end user to download
originator Yes You can set the sender number or name that will appear on the handset. It can only be 16 numbers or 11 alphanumeric characters. (e.g. +447766404142 or aql)

Response codes

Error Description
GW-NO_AUTH_DETAILS No username or password were provided
GW-AUTH_ERROR The username and password you provided could not be validated
GW-NO_WAPNAME You did not provide a WAP push Name
GW-NO_WAPURL You did not provide a WAP push URL (of the .wml file)
GW-NO_CREDIT Your account does not have sufficient credit
GW-NO_DESTINATION You did not provide a destination number
GW-INVALID_DESTINATION The destination number you provided was invalid
GW-OK:?? The message was queued successfully, and ?? is the number of messages used, e.g. 2
GW-ERROR:?? The message failed. ?? is the number of messages that failed, i.e. 1
GW-MSGERROR There was an error encoding the push message. Please check the WAP URL / WAP name
GW-ACC_UPGRADE_NEEDED To use WAP Push, your account needs to be upgraded to the UK premium route
GW-QUEUE_ERROR There was a queue error, please contact support with the details of the message you attempted to send