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Email to SMS - Open sending tutorial

The Email to SMS open sending mode allows you to send emails which will be relayed as an SMS text message to any mobile number.


  1. Login to your aql account.
  2. Choose "Email to SMS", then "Open sending" from the SMS menu. 
  3. Input the email addresses of the people you would like to send SMS messages. This will allow our system to recognise your email address.
  4. Send emails to: <mobile number> (eg.

Sending rates and destinations

The first 160 characters of your email will be relayed as an SMS text message to the specified mobile number. You can use more than 160 characters if you chose, by sending more than 1 SMS text messages. Your account will be charged 1 credit per SMS text message.

Some destinations are charged at higher rates. Click here to see the rates per destination.

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