Intelligent Cities – 19th June – Leeds Rosebowl

The aql team attended the Intelligent Cities conference in Leeds on the 19th June at the Rosebowl – part of the Metropolitan University campus.

The event, which was well attended included a full programme of talks and also a conference. The conference was kicked off by Lurene Joseph, Chief Executive of Leeds and Partners – the marketing and outreach arm of Leeds City Council. This was followed by a technology and innovation Keynote by aql CEO, Dr Adam Beaumont.

Adam’s message was drawn from experience of many ‘big data’ projects run by aql’s team of information security experts. He painted the picture “First – you have to fix the (internet) plumbing .. Once you’ve created robust digital foundations and connectivity, you can then engage those who will best use it. From there you can create an intelligent cities ecosystem across many verticals – including travel, e-health and also security“.

Big data fears and challenges : he continued “There’s a clear drive towards the sharing of data for the public good and the good of UK Plc – however – the challenge is to ensure that people’s privacy is protected. It’s the job of companies such as aql to design systems which ensure that this happens.”. “There’s clear benefits to sharing data – for example, healthcare records, but this can only be done with the highest levels of assurance that those who are processing the data will not be able to surmise personal details. Even highly depersonalised data can be made personal with the right type of processing.“.

Many experts input into the agenda during the day, such as Ericsson CTO, John Cunliffe, who explained Ericsson’s credentials – Ericsson manage most of the mobile networks globally and went on to explain some of Ericssons research statistics – including the fact that every 1000 new internet connections creates 80 jobs.

What is most important is that the conference highlighted the number of initiatives into big data and intelligent cities which are already underway in the region and also the levels of expertise within the city itself.

Marit Hendriks, Director of NG Events Ltd, has said: “The Intelligent Cities Conference in Leeds was a roaring success showcasing the best Leeds has to offer alongside national and international smart city developments. Adam Beaumont’s fascinating keynote was a true exemplar of how local business and visionary entrepreneurs like Adam are helping transform Leeds into a truly intelligent City. We were delighted to have worked with aql on the conference, without whose support we could not have staged this national event and look forward to being back in Leeds for a follow up event soon.

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