aql to host the Leeds Beckett University colocation data centre in South Leeds

We are delighted to announce that aql have been chosen to host the Leeds Beckett University colocation data centre in South Leeds. The contract, signed on the 11th of November 2015, is on target to save the University in the region of £1m over the next five years and offers vastly improved resilience and security for their data and services.

Leeds Becket University currently has two data centres in each campus. However, in recent years it has become apparent that with changes in technology and their operating environment that the university’s data centre located in Headingley was becoming unsuitable for their needs. Following a review of their options, including building a new data centre on site, the decision was taken to seek a co-location site with a third party vendor.

In all, 56 suppliers expressed an interest in the tender in which aql emerged as the winner due to competitive pricing and the quality of the technical provision. In addition, the aql security and operating environment will enable Leeds Beckett to maintain the University IT services in the event of a power or data outage.

Stuart Buckman, Dr Adam Beaumont, Dr Baesm El-Haddadeh,

Dr. Baesm El-Haddadeh, Dr. Adam Beaumont, Shane Buckman,

The choice of aql to host our second data centre will give us access to state of the art data centre facilities that are not possible with an in-house solution due to cost and timescales. We were also impressed with the way aql plans to support our University and look forward to building a strong partnership with aql over the coming years.

Dr Baesm El-Haddadeh, the director of IT Services at Leeds Beckett University

aql are delighted to be working with Leeds Beckett University to house their equipment within our metropolitan datacentres. Our secure, resilient facilities house the main Janet network node for the region, allowing the University to leverage unsurpassed speeds onto the academic network. The solution that the University has chosen is setting a leading example for how academic institutions can leverage the power of connectivity in order to outsource their datacentre requirements.

Dr Adam Beaumont, aql CEO and founder
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