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aql Opens The Doors For The Department Of Trade And Industry

aql’s historic Salem Chapel HQ played host to an innovative and impactful ‘Selling Online’ conference for the DTI in July 2019 highlighting the opportunities that selling online provides companies looking to grow their international sales rapidly by tapping into new markets.

Founder and CEO of aql, Prof. Adam Beaumont, has driven aql’s own international activity including hosting incoming trade delegations and leading overseas cohorts. His overseas activity also includes his post as Consul to the North of the UK and Isle of Man on behalf of the Republic of Estonia. He has recently been shortlisted for the International category at the IoD National Director of the Year Awards UK finals, having won the accolade for the second time in the regional awards.

DTI hosted a range of speakers, which included Google, 512, Push, Infinity Blue, Be More Social, Converted and Search Laboratory – all of whom shared knowledge from their respective fields, offering the latest techniques on expanding global reach and increasing online sales by selecting the best route to market. The event was free to all attendees and was a fantastic initiative to help local businesses expand internationally.

Professor Adam Beaumont commented “We’ve worked closely with the DTI on many initiatives, including our activities promoting the UK at the Mobile World Congress, leading Northern delegations to San Francisco and also hosting many events in our unusual tech venue, a restored 1791 chapel which houses the first mutual internet exchange outside of London. The DTI are a great partner for any business considering reaching a new market”.

Jessica McNally, International E-Commerce Adviser for DTI Yorkshire and the Humber commented on the event, “The Selling Online Conference was a fantastic day that showcased the digital expertise we have to offer businesses in the region. We received positive feedback from the businesses on the day, with them saying that it had sparked a lot of creative ideas about their international digital strategy going forward. We look forward to working alongside businesses in the region to help them shape and benefit from digital internationalisation projects and reaching global markets.”

Sally Edwards, Marketing Coordinator, DTI added: “We had a wide range of experts including Google, who shared their knowledge to help local businesses increase their online sales internationally.”
“We are looking forward to working further with the businesses to help them with their growth plans and put into practice the knowledge they gained at the event.
“aql provided a stunning venue and were fantastic in supporting our preparations and delivery on the day.”

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