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Is Colocation Right For You?


Is Colocation Right For You?

If you are unsure what the advantages of using colocation are, or if you would like to know how this kind of service could benefit your business, this post aims to clarify its key benefits and describes what kind of businesses typically seek colocation services.

Cost Savings

Setting up and running data centres demands significant time, physical space, and capital. For small to medium-sized businesses, especially those seeking higher Tier services, storing your own data in a server room is not practical and would not offer the same level of security that using professional data centres would. Businesses like aql cater to this market segment by offering colocation services. With a dedicated full-time team in charge of operating and maintaining our data centres, we are able to keep them secure and fully functional. These services are typically included in the cost of a rack at a data centre.


Data and equipment stored in data centres benefit from both physical security and network security. They also have redundancy in the case of power issues, as well as disaster recovery systems. Fire suppression systems in data centres typically use inert gas fire suppression. The security provided at data centres is far superior to that of a company that doesn’t use data centres. For a more detailed look at how data centres protect your equipment and data, please read our blog on data centre security and compliance.


Data centres have high-speed redundant network infrastructures, allowing for seamless low-latency communication between servers and devices. Redundant power supplies and cooling systems ensure consistent performance in different temperatures and in the case of power failure.


As data centres are built to service a lot of equipment and data, they are designed with flexibility and growth in mind. For SMEs that see rapid growth, using colocation services can allow increased bandwidth, uptime, and equipment storage without the turnaround time or upfront costs that would be necessary to do this internally. This flexible scalability also allows businesses to increase or decrease resources in line with their needs. 

Your Business

Colocation is an ideal choice for certain types of businesses. Businesses that need high levels of security, connectivity, and uptime often seek out data centres, as outsourcing colocation to experts provides a better standard of service than they could typically manage on their own. Businesses looking for high-performance computing to conduct advanced scientific simulations, produce detailed financial modelling, harness machine-learning applications or process vast amounts of data in real-time also seek out colocation services. Also, businesses that do not have the capital, expertise, time or space to build their own data centres or server rooms can save themselves a great deal of hassle by colocating in a data centre facility. The minimal upfront costs and scalability of using such a service makes it an ideal solution.

How can aql’s next generation colocation services empower you?

With over 25 years of enabling businesses and powering a connected society, our Tier 3+ data centres offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, stringent security measures, and expert support, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your critical IT operations.

As the only data centre operator in central Leeds, we are directly connected to IXLeeds, the UK’s first fully independent internet exchange outside London, providing low latency, high bandwidth and access to an extensive network of regional and national peers. Click here to learn more about our colocation services.
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