This year’s winners include an investigation into the kinetics of corrosion at the steel-concrete interface and a study on the efficacy of using MRI-derived biomarkers to diagnose nerve entrapment in cubital tunnel syndrome.

As part of our goal to help support and drive innovation and take an active role in empowering the next generation of brilliant minds, we take great pride in continuing to hold the Beaumont Awards.

Now in its 7th year, the Beaumont Awards continues to celebrate excellence in undergraduate research, with 10 exceptional students from Leeds University once again selected as Beaumont Award winners by a panel of academics including aql CEO Professor Adam Beaumont and Chief Scientist John Mama, both of whom are alumni of Leeds University. 

The Beaumont Award winners are given solid silver medals, a cash prize of £500, and a place at the prestigious Leeds University SPARK Enterprise Boot Camp, a course that provides valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship and business.

The 2024 award recipients and their winning research projects are as follows:


Gulana Anwar

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Investigating the kinetics of corrosion at the steel-concrete interface (SCI)


Zoe Davies

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Topical steroid withdrawal: mechanisms, treatment strategies and future directions- a systematic review


Alna Dony

School of Medicine

Novel Quantitative MRI-Derived Biomarkers for Diagnosing Nerve Entrapment in Cubital Tunnel Syndrome


Benjamin Goldstein

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Discovering KNa1.1 inhibitors for the treatment of KCNT1-associated epilepsy using a drug-repurposing approach


Nafi Iftekhar

School of Medicine 

Venous insufficiency and acrocyanosis in long COVID: dysautonomia


Arthur Martin

School of Economics

Investigating the link between menstrual knowledge and stigmatisation amongst girls in Southern Ghana: A cross-sectional quantitative analysis.


Lucy Munro

School of Economics

Economics' Leaky Pipeline: Investigating Gender Disparities Within Economics' Enrolment


Molly Nunn

School of Biomedical Sciences

Retrospective and proactive approach to protecting young women from cervical cancer through public engagement.


William Pinder

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Promoting Awareness of Postpartum Depression to Improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce the Prevalence of the Disorder across the Global North and South


Molly Seaborn

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Assessing the mental, physical and social effects of the Two Good Work Work programs in Sydney, Australia: A qualitative report.

To hear the award winners talk more about their winning projects, please
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Winners of the 2024 Beaumont Award winners with Professor Adam Beaumont

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