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Mobile to SMS


Our E-Burst platform offers high-speed, high-volume messaging distribution technology direct from your mobile device. It is designed to meet your business SMS requirements at times when instant communication is vital, by speeding up the process of sending large numbers of messages to your predefined lists of customers or contacts.

By using the E-Burst SMS platform, you can:

  • Send large quantities of messages wherever, whenever you might find yourself
  • Instantly inform your customers of your ongoing offers
  • Manage and communicate efficiently in crisis situations
  • Make important announcements to your team or business partners quickly and efficiently

How does it work ?

Designed to be as easy to access and efficient as possible, all you need is an unique aql telephone number, which will be linked to a list of recipients that you would have provided for us in your aql account. Any SMS text messages you send to this number will then be forwarded to all the recipients numbers in the associated list.

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