On 24th January, Transformation Innovation Day was organised and held by the North Yorkshire Council at the prestigious Halifax Royal Hall. The private event drew industry leaders and technologists from around the county to hear talks on innovation, IoT, AI, and new technology by prominent figures from aql, the North Yorkshire Council and other key players in the tech space.

The North Yorkshire Council reached out to aql’s chairman and founder Professor Adam Beaumont as a leading technology innovator in Yorkshire. He has been a tireless champion for development in the North, founding aql in Leeds over 25 years ago, as well as having held or currently holding key roles at Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, ​​Leeds Sustainable Development Group, IXLEEDS, and NorthInvest, all of which are dedicated to developing and promoting business growth in the North. 

Adam delivered a talk on the transformative work undertaken by aql in Yorkshire and the North of England, as well as the wider work aql has done in creating a connected and smarter society. His talk included details on the extensive innovation work aql has been undertaking with the launch of our 5G and IoT testbeds delivering innovation at Connected Cowes, Live & Wild, Mobile Access North Yorkshire, the Eden Universe, and AMRC’s 5G Factory of the Future.

aql founder and chairman Professor Adam Beaumont delivering his talk

Following this, aql’s VP of Product & Development, Andrew Morris, was invited to talk about the recent project work we have undertaken with Mobile Access North Yorkshire, through which we delivered a private 5G network and IoT accelerator to drive business innovation and efficiencies in rural locations with limited connectivity opportunities. Andrew presented aql’s vision for a smarter connected society leveraging the power of aql’s high bandwidth and low latency 5G networks, as well as powering business and regional innovation through the development of smart city sensor deployments. This would be powered by aql’s Core IoT platform, a platform capable of enabling the North Yorkshire Council to innovate and help with their future implementation of smart city technology.

aql’s Andrew Morris talking on IoT and Innovation

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