Integrate with aql's API

Developers can use our APIs to seamlessly integrate our reliable outbound and inbound messaging gateways into business systems and software. We're keen to assist you with integration for your software requirements.

Send SMS

Send instant SMS text messages directly via web, email or mobile device. Our outbound SMS solutions enable you to regularly and efficiently communicate with your customers or employees. We also offer a voice messaging service for users with landline numbers. Choose one of our solutions and get started with a free trial:

Send and Receive SMS

Stay in touch with your customers, staff or other stakeholders, by conducting two-way communications campaigns via our secure and reliable high capacity SMS platforms. You can access the data anytime, anywhere or integrate it directly into your own application or CRM software.


Receive SMS text messages on aql's geographic numbers

Our UK landline numbers are able to receive SMS text messages and are compatible with all aql messaging products, opening up a new messaging channel to thousands of UK businesses. aql geographic numbers can be used as a single point of contact, allowing your adverts to simply state "text or call". Developers can also use the aql geographic numbers with our API to deliver the SMS data to their own applications.

Award-winning SMS specialist service

  • SMS relay

    Our SMS relay product enables SMS capability on UK geographic (fixed line) numbering. The solution is supported by the UK MNOs and, through their cooperation, we have enabled nearly 90 million numbers for over 40 UK telecommunications operators.

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Start using our SMS services with our free trial. For more information, support or bespoke services, please contact our experts.

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