Documentation and APIs

We provide a wide variety of communication APIs to allow businesses to seamlessly integrate their processes with the services we offer. 

In this section you will find APIs related to our messaging, telecommunications and mobile services. You can use the drop-down on the top-right of the list to filter the API documentation by category.


Sending Messages via aql's SMS API

The Send SMS API allows you to easily and quickly send SMS through our highly reliable SMS service.


Inbound SMS to UK Landline Numbers API

This page provides information on how to integrate with our Inbound UK Landline Numbers API.


You can seamlessly integrate your applications with aql's outbound SMS messaging service via SOAP using our SOAP API.

Send SMS via UDH API

If you require the ability to specify sms headers for sending concatenated messages or vCards for example, you can make use of our UDH gateway. This gateway is accessible via HTTP POST using the UDH API.

Shared Short codes API

Use our Shared Premium SMS Platform API Documentation to integrate Short codes with your systems or softwares.

SIM admin API

This API lets you to administer USIMs that have been allocated.

SMPP protocol

SMPP is an industry standard, reliable method of sending a high number of messages. Our documentation leads you through the process of integrating with our SMPP service.

SMS Relay Activation

Once your number ranges or individual numbers have been passed to the networks for SMS datafill, some networks require notification that the number is live so that they can activate the routing for these. To pass your number(s) to these networks, you can make use of the following API.

Three 3G Network Coverage API

This API is used to check H3g UK Network 3G data coverage information using postcode.

vCard API

The vCard API lets developers use a HTTP request to generate and send a vCard to a mobile device.

Voice Push API

The text to voice service provided by aql is an easy to use method of converting text into voice via a telephone call.


Our WAP Push API allows you to push files to users using WAP.

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